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Rocks and Stardust
Geology and astronomy through the colours and patterns of nature, the origin of the elements and our place in the cosmos. Large Radarsat map, 50 geological photographs* and HUBBLE images; 23 English and 23 French text panels.
c. 260 lf

( * Exceptional film images taken between 1995-1999 with fine-grain Kodachrome film and hand-printed on Ilfochrome P3X as an 8" x 8" image mounted in 17" x 17.5" wood frames.) 

Reference documents (PDF):

Overview in colour
Letter to institutions and prices
Installation Guide and space requirements
Cost evaluation

Roches et poussières d'étoiles
Sciences naturelles, géologie, astronomie, photographie, art. L'exposition porte sur nos origines cosmiques et inclue des photos de roches du Bouclier des Laurentides au Québec, des photos de phénomènes astronomiques ainsi qu'un texte bilingue.
Carte Radarsat, 50 photographies encadrées: HUBBLE, les photographies* géologique ;  23+23 panneaux de textes bilingues.
c. 90 m



The Landscapes of Mars | Les Paysage de Mars
Mercury | Mercure
This side of the Moon