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An Enduring Story Written in Stone

Wonderful photos of rocks are woven into the story of the Big Bang, supernova stars and the birth of the planets in the new Rocks and Stardust exhibit.

Ottawa : Rocks and Stardust is a bilingual exhibit exploring the cosmic origins of our world through the rocks of the Gatineau Park, a jewel of the National Capital.

Rocks and Stardust, a success at the Canadian Museum of Nature, is a collection of over 50 photographs complimented by text, maps and satellite images. Many of the photographs feature the Gatineau Park, part of the Laurentian Shield. In his fascination with geology, the curator continues the path taken by his ancestors Sir William, and George Dawson. The colours and patterns of these rocks, remnants of a vast mountain belt that existed more than a billion years ago, speak to the enduing beauty of nature.

But rocks can also tell us a lot about our beginnings. Visitors can admire the striking photographs as they learn about the birth of the sun, the creation of elements like carbon, and ponder the possibilities of worlds created out of stardust.

Rocks and Stardust combines some of the oldest things on earth with our most modern technology to present a window onto our cosmic origins and the compelling history of the earth.

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