P. Geldart.  Gatineau Park,  Quebec, Canada

The exhibit is available to galleries and institutions.
Previous venues:
Parc national de Miguasha Nouvelle, Québec June to October 2005 / see also UNESCO | Parks Canada
Écomusée de Hull, Gatineau, Quebec / February to April 2002
Chelsea Library, Old Chelsea, Quebec / June to September 2001
Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa Canada / December 2000 to February 2001 (see CMN exhibit details)
Installation Guide
(22 pages Adobe PDF 376 k)
To receive an exhibit prospectus by post, please contact:
Astra Exhibits
44 Murray Street
Ottawa Ontario K1N 5M4 Canada
(613) 294-2205 | info-at- petrabooks.ca


Fully bilingual (English and French)    |    approx. 260 linear feet

Total: 50 framed photographs
including the following texts and images

40 superior framed photographs of rocks and geological features 17" x 17.5"

    (technical specs: Nikon F2 35 mm SLR, 50 mm lens, high resolution Kodachrome ISO 25 or 64 slide film, 1995-1999, hand-printed Ilfochrome P3X prints, Canadian birch wood frame, acid-free assembly, glass).

    - generic mineralogical and geological pictures of the Precambrian Shield showing formations and details common to the geography of much of Quebec, Northern Ontario and Northern Canada.

  • 7 framed photographs of astronomical subjects. 17" x 17.5" (~)
  • 2 framed photographs of landscapes. 17" x 17.5"
  • 1 framed geological map drawing. 17" x 17.5" (~)

  • 50 bilingual text panels - 25/25 bilingual panels. 7.5" x 7.5"
  • 16 bilingual captions 3" x 7.5"
  • 7 Hanging Titles 9.5" x 17"
  • 4 Hanging Texts 11" x 17"
  • 4 Landsat and Radarsat images 8" x 8" (~)
  • 3 aerial photos of the Eardley Escarpment  4.25" x 9" (~)
  • 2 World Maps: Grenville Orogen and Precambrian Shield 8" x 8" (~)
  • 2 bilingual entrance Signs
  • 1 Radarsat Map of Canada 48" x 64" (~)
  • 1 Entrance image 11" x 17"
  • all mounts, templates and tools to assist in installation

  • (~) Third-party items


  • Delivery of exhibit components plus mounting materials, templates and tools
  • Installation, take-down and removal of exhibit. Option A only.
  • Curator's orientation session for staff and guides (30 min). Option A only.
  • Custom postcard with your institution name, exhibit dates included. 
    (Qty. 1000 for promotion or retail sale)


Canadian destinations: prices in Canadian Dollars
All other destinations: prices in USD
Rental fee
    3 months : $3,000

    Additional expenses to be covered by your Institution are as follows:

    Shipping: return shipping from Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5B9 Canada
    - shipping may be less during a tour

    6 cases 24" x 20" x  20" x 45 lbs.

    Nail-to-nail insurance
    See cost evaluation document.(7 pages Adobe PDF 212 k) 

    Estimated shipping and insurance (to be determined): $1,000

    Installation and take-down to be done by your institution.

      • Installation Guide (DOWNLOAD).
      • Orientation Guide
      • Oversight, packaging, shipping arrangements.
      • The curator will advise on the installation.

Plus operational expenses Option A

    Option A. Installation by Astra Exhibits staff.

    Total personnel (option): $2,000

    • Installation : 

    • Curator or Assistant: 2 travel days, 2 set-up days
      Technician: 2 travel days, 2 set-up days
    • Take-down:

    • 2 technicians: 2 travel days, 1 take-down day 

      plus transportation and accommodation for Astra personnel

    Estimated transportation and accommodation (to be determined- option): $1,000


  • Purchase: $200,000 
    The price is based on:
    • - the opportunity for the purchaser to display the exhibit in a corporate or institutional setting, or to re-disseminate the exhibit in the future, fee-based, to museums and educational institutions;
    • - the benefit from the future value of the exhibit's quality pre-digital photography plus the exhibit's demonstration of popular science during the burgeoning of interest in astronomy at the turn of the 21st century.
    • - aesthetic, academic and technical input.
    • - production, translation and fabrication.
    • - initial venue feedback and revisions.
    • - provision of all masters and materials. 

    Please inquire for details on the exclusive rights and responsibilities concerning purchase, preservation, product sales and re-dissemination of the exhibit. (special arrangements are necessary for a small number of third-party items - indicated (~) ).


    Delivery within North America to your institution:

    • all components including packaging and shipping materials
    • installation by Astra Exhibits staff
    • DVD containing digital masters

    • - master text files
      - master images 
    • Documentation:
    • 1-year advisory period

To receive an exhibit prospectus by post, please contact:
Astra Exhibits
44 Murray Street
Ottawa Ontario K1N 5M4 Canada
(613) 294-2205 | info -at- petrabooks.ca

Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit

Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit

Radarsat Map area. Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit

Start of Cosma section. Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit

Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit

Madoc meteorite. Canadian Museum of Nature exhibit
madoc meterorite